Sunday 30 June 2013

Cwmbach GMS 28/06/2013 (belated post)

Bit of a hectic weekend, so not much chance to post. The garden trap, run for the GMS on the 28th attracted 33 species, quite a few of which didn't count for the GMS. Amongst the catch was this lovely Mottled Beauty f. conversaria, which I think really puts the beauty into the name.

Mottled Beauty f. conversaria


  1. This Mottled Beauty is indeed a beauty! I posted a photo of one on the Carmarthenshire Moths Blog last Saturday, the dark banding was not as vivid as this one but nonetheless the contrast with the more distal white band was striking, and I wondered whether I had f.conversaria at the time.

  2. I get one or two with a dark band most years, but this was the most striking I can remember.