Saturday 22 June 2013

Parc Penallta

MCP & myself went to look for the Forester at Parc Penallta [21st], unfortunately we didn't see any, probably a week or so too early. They were present last year according to the warden. We did net a Chimney Sweeper and a Small Yellow U/w. Also two Dingy Skippers, Burnet Companion [40+] and Silver Y [5]
                                          Chimney Sweeper, one of two seen

                                              Habitat that the Forester likes at Parc Penallta


  1. Are you sure it was today? The weather here, has been awful all day. Nice habitat, by the look of it.

  2. Mark, it was the 21st - in the intro, date in brackets.

  3. Ah yes. I really aught to pay more attention to details like that.

  4. Was chatting to Martin Anthony last week and he'd just seen Forester in Mons, so they are about.