Saturday 22 June 2013

Woodland at Amelia Farm, near Barry

Trapped on Friday night in mixed woodland at the Amelia Farm Trust just outside Barry.  Despite the breezy and cool conditions we caught 40 species in just over 2 hours up until just after midnight.  Quite a few nice moths in there too, the highlights were: Green Silver-lines, Double Line, Little Thorn, Coronet, Orange Footman, Marbled White-spot, Beautiful Golden Y, Ringed China-mark, Blood Vein, about 5 Scorched Wing, a green form of Yellow-barred Brindle and Small Yellow Wave.  I will add photos of the Orange Footman and another smaller Footman that I haven't been able to id tomorrow.

Orange Footman?

Mystery Footman
 Here are the two Footman (Footmen?) moths for a second opinion.  The top one is more Orange than it appears in the photo.  The bottom one doesn't seem to neatly fit any of the pics in W&T nor those on UK moths.  It is small for a Footman at 14mm long, and I am beginning to wonder if it might be a small, pale Orange Footman!


  1. Not bad for two hours, Adam. What a stunning moth Blood Vein is, I always think.

  2. They are stunning Mark. I also think the Green Silver-lines and the Scorched Wing take some beating!

  3. I'm with you on those, Adam.