Thursday 20 June 2013

This week, plus id query

Some very uninspiring brownfield habitat at Pluck  Lake see image including burnt-out shopping trolley, produced around 60 species on Monday evening including 3 Beautiful Snout, Ancylis uncella, Mompha lacteella, Cochylis hybridella (with the white head and thorax) plus this query. Any help much appreciated.
Had a better look around next day and found lots of bilberry under pines nearby, plus damp areas with cotton grass and flag iris. 
Also saw the carbonaria form of Peppered yesterday morning, appropriately on Bryn Tip ex coal mine, along with around 45 other species including several Map-winged Swift and clouds of midges!
Pluck Lake trap site
887 Mompha lacteella

965 Cochylis hybridella

1118 Ancylis uncella

Beautiful Snout


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  1. Great series of pics Chris - I particularly like he habitat shot!