Saturday 29 June 2013

Nitten 28-29th

92 species last night from two traps in the Nitten Field, Mewslade, with Heart and Dart by far the commonest species with a total of 89. Despite a good tally, surprisingly few species of special note, the highlights being Eucosma campoliliana 2, Platyptilia gonodactyla 1, Grass Emerald 1, Wood Carpet 2, Rivulet 1, Grass Rivulet 3, Sharp-angled Peacock 1, Scorched Wing 1, Yellow Belle 1, Small Elephant Hawk-moth 2, Least Black Arches 1 (quite late), Alder Moth 1, Coronet 2 & Brown Rustic 1. The only migrants were Diamond-back Moth 4, Dark Sword-grass 2 & Silver Y 4. During a walk through the field the following morning I came across this conopid fly Sicus ferrugineus, a bumblebee parasite.
Sicus ferrugineus

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