Saturday 1 June 2013

Gelli Hir 31st May. ID help needed!

30 macro species last night, including first Blomer's Rivulet of the season plus a very nice nigra form of Scalloped Hazel.
5 micros including, I think, Phylloporia bistrigella and Lampronia fuscatella (two next to each other)
and a miniscule Stigmella, perhaps floslactella with the white fringe or maybe it is not possible to do from a photo. Also one more which I can't seem to recognise at all!
All suggestions welcome.
? Phylloporia bistrigella 4mm

? Lampronia fuscatella 8mm

Scalloped Hazel fm. nigra

Stigmella sp. ? floslactella

Mystery! 8mm


  1. I agree with Phylloporia bistrigella - funny that Mark and I had it last night as well, as there are only around 8 previous county records. All 3 of ours lacked the extra white spot beyond the two cross-lines, and two of our three had the outer cross-line unbroken.

    Your ?Lampronia is the dark form of Prays fraxinella - narrowed winged than Lampronia. I've been caught out by that one before!

    Could the last one be a Cnephasia?

    Sorry no idea about the Stigmella!

  2. Thanks George. I did worry about the narrow wing of the possible Lampronia. The possible Cnephasia may have to remain unidentified!
    Cheers, Chris

  3. Great photos Chris, nice to see mosses featuring so prominently too - they certainly give the shots a very natural look.