Sunday 30 August 2015

Ideas Anyone?

Last night I ran my Skinner for five hours, at a site, close to the western portal of the Merthyr to Aberdare railway tunnel (disused) and despite temperatures remaining in the low double figures, had very little to show for it; just around 30 moths of 19 species, the highlight being four Black Arches. As I was knocking down, this tortrix appeared on the trap and as it looked distinctive enough, I photographed it. Today, I have puzzled over it and failed to identify it, but I have the feeling it may be a Zeiraphera; possibly isertana, though as Larch was close by, griseana couldn't be ruled out. Of course, it is entirely possible that I am barking up completely the wrong tree, so suggestions would be welcome, please.

Zeiraphera Sp?

During the session, I spent much of the time wandering about, searching for interesting things in the vegetation close by and on a bramble, I came across this larva of Peach Blossom.

Peach Blossom

While being photographed, at first, it took evasive action and dropped from the leaf, hanging from a safety line of silk, but ten minutes or so later, it had climbed back up onto the leaf.

Peach Blossom Hanging by a Thread


  1. There is a very similar image on UK Moths for Epinotia nisella .... what do you think?

  2. Thanks, Howard. I'd say you are spot on with that. I had a feeling that I'd encountered it previously and I have indeed had E. nisella before, but that black blotch had me stumped, as all the previous ones I had trapped were more conventionally marked.