Sunday 16 August 2015

Sand Dune Night (KNNR)

Kenfig NNR [Mark Evans, Mike Powell & David Gilmore]
We were unable to trap at our designated site in the fore-dunes, however we set up 3 traps in the NE Dunes (SS8082). In our trap (MCP/DRWG) we caught & ID 74 species & 2 agg. We didn't catch the primary target species: Portland Moth, however we did get one on the 'wanted list', Buff Button (Acleris permutana). This is the first KNNR record since 1924 and the first VC41 record since 15/08/2002 - 13 years to the day! Unfortunately it was released before a photo could be obtain - I'm guilty of that! Other highlights include: Chalk Rose Bell (E. incarnatana), Yarrow Plume (P. pallidactyla) [New for KNNR], Small Seraphim, White-spotted Pug, Tawny Speckled Pug & Brown-line Bright-eye. 

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  1. An entertaining night, once we had sorted things out. I had 55 species in the Skinner trap and 39 species in the barrel trap. I'll send you the lists and photos ASAP.