Sunday 16 August 2015

Whiteford Burrows

Chris Manley, Veronica Shenston and myself recorded 944 individuals of 68 species from five traps left overnight. Sadly no Portland Moths were encountered, but species of interest included Bryotropha umbrosella 16, Aproaerema anthyllidella 9, Celypha cespitana 110, Epiblema incarnatana 1, Agriphila tristella 400, Rusty-dot Pearl 1, Pempeliella dilutella 1, Grass Eggar 10, Oak Eggar 2, Oblique Striped 30, Galium Carpet 1, Yellow Belle 10, Swallow Prominent 2, White-line Dart 35, Archer's Dart 5, Dark Sword-grass 2, Six-striped Rustic 3, Hedge Rustic 1, Shore Wainscot 1 & Ear Moth agg. 23 (including several Saltern types, but not dissected). Not a bad return, but the cool breeze coming in off the sea was thought to have reduced the catch).

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