Friday 7 August 2015

Sand Dune Night

We are now making final arrangements with Kenfig as to access etc.
The teams are:
Barry, Chris & Veronica ++ @ Whiteford
George & Paul ++ @ Merthyr Mawr
Mike, Mark & Jake ++ @ Kenfig
(If anyone else is thinking of attending please leave either a comment or contact any of the above as to your preference.)

This event will be weather dependant as rain & wind would lead to cancellation as the habitat provides little or no shelter. Lets hope it's a fine night.


  1. Marc Botham (from Oxford) is hoping to come to MM too, and he'll bring lots of traps which should, in theory, increase the chances of catching a certain moth beginning with P.

  2. Shame, if we'd known we could have done Broughton burrows!

  3. Saturday August 15th. Long range forecast is suggesting cloud & 13C. Nice!

  4. In that case put us down for Broughton Burrows if that is okay? Sorry misunderstood thought it was imminent!