Thursday 13 August 2015

Sand Dune Night - Merthyr Mawr arrangements

For those planning to come along to Sand Dune Night on Saturday, the arrangements for Merthyr Mawr are as follows...

We'll be meeting at the main Candleston Castle car park at 8:30pm and will then take traps out onto the dunes near there. Pual Parsons, Marc Botham and I will be running traps; anyone else who's not already planning on going to the Kenfig or Whiteford events is welcome to attend. Please leave a comment below or email me or Paul.

Currently the forecast is for a dry evening, if a little chilly. Oh, and you'll need money for the parking machines (max £3).



  1. Hi George,
    I might come along but not sure of my plans tomorrow yet. If i do i can bring MV & generator and/or actinic. I'll email you or text Paul to let you know tomorrow though if that's ok?

  2. We are meeting at KNNR reserve centre at 8pm.

  3. That's fine Vaughn. Actinic might be more useful than the MV as there's a limit to how far we can lug generators out onto the dunes, but would be good to take actinics a bit further.