Saturday, 15 August 2015

Old Image from 2014 and Query

I've still not got around to purchasing the Moth's of Glamorgan, so I'm not sure what the status of the Double Line moth currently is. I found this whilst going through old photos from last year. It seems to be the only interesting moth I'd taken a photo of.

Caught in Llandaff garden Trap 1st August 2014.

It looks as if it's a Footman, it's a yellow head, pale grey and wingspan around 25-28mm. I cant see any yellow on outer wing edges and doesnt look a very worn specimen. My apologies if its glaringly obvious.


  1. Double Line is reasonably widespread and pretty frequent across much of the county. Your footman-type is a Lesser Wax Moth

  2. I think I better get The Moths of Glamorgan, sooner than as a Christmas present. Thanks for setting me straight. I can clearly see it is a Lesser Wax moth now. Many thanks