Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Parc Slip

We had a good moth morning at Parc Slip this morning with almost 200 moths of 60+ species in the trap. Highlights for me were a first catch of gold triangle, 2nd ever catch of garden rose tortrix, first for the year of black arches, broad-bordered yellow underwing, copper underwing, double kidney, dun-bar, gold spot, chequered fruit-tree tortrix, Acrobasis advenella and the following which i'm not sure about.
Acrobasis marmorea?
Anacampsis sp.?

Faded D.lacustrata or something more interesting??
No idea - Paul might have a better photo?


  1. The second is a Gelechiid - I'd probably suggest Scrobipalpa sp. rather than Anacampsis, but I doubt it is identifiable. The bottom one is Prays ruficeps or fraxinella f. rustica.

    I'd give up on the Scoparia - they are difficult enough when they have scales. Acrobasis marmorea is right.