Tuesday 7 June 2016

A nice surprise

I stopped briefly to take a photo of a Painted Lady on bramble at Grovesend Common today, and was surprised and delighted to see this on an adjacent flowerhead:

Red-tipped Clearwing
It was hyperactive and very much resembled an inchneumon wasp in the way it dashed about. According to my MapMate there is just one previous West Glam record, from Oystermouth in 1893.

I only saw one Marsh Fritillary, and none at Gelli Organ common, but I did have a Silver Hook there.


  1. Great find.
    George: There are 12 records on the database, 2 historical & 10 since June 2004. Max 13 on 13.vi.04 @ Merthyr Mawr (Jones & Warmingham).
    I think you ought to sync asap!

  2. Thanks DRWG. I have those records in my system, I was just referring to west Glam.

    I remember we saw them come to lures at Merthyr Mawr back in the mid 2000s. It was a moth night event I think.

  3. I see your point George. However the GMRG tends to record all VC41 and not to split west & east - like the Birds! Far too political for moth'ers!

  4. A couple of records from extreme SE Carms (ie adjacent to W Glam) - both near Kidwelly. Good find, George.