Saturday 11 June 2016

Alun Valley Friday 10th June

This was a 'moth night' event arranged by Butterfly Conservation.
I was one of three moth trappers, with George Tordoff and Paul Parsons. It started off with light rain which became heavier through the evening and ended with everyone soaked through and all egg boxes sodden. Doubtless lots of moths were missed, at least by me. I added four more to the total amongst the 50 or so moths that flew out of my van this morning, including 2 Elephant Hawks. I managed 60+ species in all. The best sight for me, though not in my trap, was this really fresh Wood Carpet, which usually seems to be fairly worn when I see it.
Many thanks to George and Richard Smith for arranging the event.

Common Lutestring

Wood Carpet

Shoulder-striped Wainscot

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  1. I've never packed up so quickly - I also had lots of moths in the car this morning.

    Nice to see the Wood Carpet photo - they really were stunners.

    I had around 67 species with a Pammene tbc, may be albuginana. Will post photos.