Friday 10 June 2016

Cynon Valley Moth Night

It wasn't a public event, but I ran a Skinner and a Heath trap at Pwll Waun Cynon nature reserve from 22:00 to 03:30 (I eventually got some sleep at midday), assisted by  a couple of friends from 3 Valleys Birders and one of the reserve volunteers.

A successful night was had, with  9 Poplar and 7 Elephant Hawk-moths included in at as yet 84 species caught. Also of note were 36 Diamond-back Moths, which were the only migrants and an incredible (for me at least) 48 Coronet. It was nice to see a couple of Red-necked Footman.

This Tort' also turned up. It looks a bit worn, but was strongly metallic, which doesn't come over in the photo. Anyone got any ideas? The faint cross lines appeared metallic silver. In size, it was similar to Pandemis cerasana.


  1. The tort looks like a male Ptycholoma leacheana.

  2. Thank you Ian. That is what it indeed seems to be. Supposedly common, I'm surprised I haven't seen one before.