Thursday 2 June 2016


While putting up nest boxes, this morning, on a farm in Penderyn (VC42), Mike Hogan and I kicked up what must have amounted to at least two hundred Diamond Back Moths from the grass of the fields we walked through. We had never seen anything like it, certainly in Wales.
The shear quantity we put up from a relatively small area of the total field area, begged the question; how many were there in total over that farm and the wider area? Remarkable!


  1. I've been walking through marshy grassland in Carmarthenshire all day and haven't seen a single one!

  2. There were 50+ in a small area at Dingestow (central Monmouthshire) today, and 100s in the dry limestone grassland of Clwyd on Thursday. Kevin Hewitt had 100+ to MV in Blackwood a couple of nights ago, and Ian Morgan reports 100s in coastal Carms yesterday. I wonder whether they were on their way to Carms on the 2nd when George was there.

  3. The influx is still ongoing, with thousands being reported at coastal sites in south and eastern England. I saw two Painted Ladies North of Aberdare, today, but as just one Diamond-Back.