Friday 24 June 2016

Y Gweira

Mark Evans and I trapped with WTSWW at their Y Gewira reserve, Llantrisant Common last night. It started clear and cool and moths were coming slowly, but then it clouded up, the temperature rose and the moths livened up a bit.

I had 57 species at my MV and there were quite a few additional species in Mark's trap. Highlights included Anania crocealis, Cydia fagiglandana, lots of Double Line and the moths in the photos below. This small pug, from Mark's trap, looks quite a good match for Lead-coloured (not sure if there is any cow-wheat on the common?). Perhaps it will need dissecting to be sure.


We caught 3 of these tortricids - I can't decide if it they are well-marked Orthotaenia undulana or Celypha rivulana - opinions welcome, thanks.



  1. Thanks Paul, that's what I recorded it as, then had a crisis of confidence!