Wednesday 8 June 2016

Creigiau 07 June

A warm sunny afternoon in the garden and I was trying to get some pics of hoverflies when I noticed this in the shrubbery. Looks very much like another Endothenia nigricostana - more distinctly marked than the one I released at the end of last week. This one was more shy and disappeared into the greenery after I took the shot.

Probably the coolest night for quite a while, with a min temp of 10.2C, but I had my largest haul of the year - 86 moths of 40 species. In addition there must have been 50+ Water Veneer in/around the trap which haven't been included in the total. 17 of the species were new for the year - Broom Moth, Clouded-bordered Brindle, Cream Wave, Currant Pug, Garden Grass-veneer, Green Carpet, Ingrailed Clay, Large Yellow Underwing, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Marbled Minor agg., Marbled White-spot, Middle-barred Minor, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Silver-ground Carpet, Straw Dot, Water Veneer and Willow Beauty. I only logged 8 Diamond-backs but there were probably more flying around the garden.

The Lesser Yellow Underwing had only emerged from the pupa in the early evening. Mike Thornton had correctly ID'd the caterpillar in this blog back in March.

I have some doubts about two of the species above - Cream Wave & Currant Pug. I think I'm right but would appreciate confirmation/correction.