Thursday 2 June 2016

Parc Slip - sadly only 2 diamond-backs...

But my disappointment was minimal as I had over 80 species in the trap yesterday morning - needless to say it's the best catch of the year so far with the vast majority being new for the year and at least one being a new record for the site - little thorn. Other highlights for me were the first figure of eighty and Micropterix aureatella that I've ever caught here, 2nd ever Mompha locupletella and Nemapogon cloacella, 3rd ever brown rustic plus a smart tawny-barred angle (f.nigrofulvata), white-pinion spotted, foxglove pug (first since 2013), cream wave, sandy carpet, Pseudogyrotoza conwagana, and blue-bordered carpet amongst others. I also had a giant lacewing, birch shieldbug and 4 cockchafers...

Other common but always nice to see species included elephant hawk (a great tit took a pristine one from the bush right in front of me which was a bit upsetting...), eyed hawk, sharp-angled peacock, blood-vein, peach blossom, sandy carpet, spectacle, green arches, alder moth, Eupoecilia a few I would like help with please!
Aethes sp.?
Monopis sp.?
And I assume this is just an aberrant Elophila nymphaeata?


  1. The second one is Prays ruficeps or Prays fraxinella f. rustica. Pug might be Grey but it's pretty grotty! Think you're right with the last one. Not sure about first one.

  2. The Cochylid looks like Phalonidia manniana.

  3. Thanks both - yeah the pug is a bit grotty but thought it might be worth a try!