Friday 3 June 2016

Creigiau - Tuesday night

Another warm night (min 17C) although quite windy, but still found 47 moths of, at least 28 identified species, in/around the trap.

Of these, two were completely new for me - White-pinion Spotted & Rustic Shoulder-knot

and 9 others were new for the year - Bee Moth, Chinese Character, Common White Wave, Bryotropha affinis, Flame Shoulder, Lobster Moth, Pebble Hook-tip, Small Magpie & Epiblema cynosbatella.

Bee Moth

Chinese Character

Lobster Moth
I also have a couple of queries, which I would be grateful for help with ID

The first I suspect is a Coleophora sp. but the other two are eluding me at the moment.


  1. The first looks like a Coleophora albicosta which George identified for me last week (I believe the white line on the leading edge of the wing is distinctive but best wait for confirmation!). The second is an oak nycteoline and I'm not sure about the third but it looks like one I caught at Parc Slip on tuesday - see George's response for details

  2. Vaughn is correct with the first two, and the third is Pray ruficeps or Prays fraxinella f. rustica. I think ruficeps in this case.

  3. Thanks both. I haven't seen an Oak Nycteoline since 2013 and the other two are new records for me. That box was even better than I thought ...