Tuesday 28 June 2016

Parc Slip/Brynna Woods last week

We trapped at Brynna Woods last tuesday night (21st) and caught 130+ moths of 37 speces. Nothing particularly exciting but I wasn't sure of this one:
Grapholita funebrana??
At Parc Slip on thursday night it was a bit damp but we had about 50 species in the end including my (and Parc Slip's) first ever map-winged swift, plus our 3rd ever small yellow wave, 3rd ever Teleiodes vulgella, 4th ever northern spinach and FFY purple clay, clay, willow beauty, Calamotropha paludella and Anania lancealis. There were also the following two I'm not sure of:
Apotomis sp?

Notocelia trimaculana?


  1. I think the second one is Hedya pruniana. The other two look good to me.