Wednesday 1 June 2016

At last

My Llandaff North garden trap finally sprang to life last night, the 34 species recorded being way more than any other night I've trapped this year. Three macros were new for the garden - White Pinion-spotted, Mottled Pug and Grass Rivulet (a yellow rattle feeder - where did that come from?). Others new for the year included Orange Footman, Buff-tip, Argyresthia cupressella and Caloptilia robustella.

There was a bit of migrant activity with a Silver Y and five diamond-backs. There has been a huge arrival of the latter, with Atropos Flight Arrivals reporting several hundred in a number of garden MV traps in England.

Grass Rivulet
Orange Footman
Argyresthia cupressella
Caloptilia robustella

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