Sunday 12 June 2016

Also in the Alun Valley

This very small tortrix was collected from one of the traps on Friday night (can't remember if it was in mine or one of Paul's or Chris's). I think it looks good for Pammene albuginana, which I note isn't on the county list although there is a record in my MapMate. Dave - would this require gen det to confirm?

Also of note was the rare 'dung beetle' Odonteus armiger, which apparently feeds on fungi. This was in one of my 6W Heath traps and may be new for Glamorgan (I've emailed Steve Bolchover to check).


  1. Hi George
    Certainly compares well with the photo in British Moths. I've got a query I'll post in a moment too. Great little beetle.

  2. Thanks Chris. I checked the new micro-moth recording scheme guidelines and Pammene albuginana is 'Category 4'. i.e. needs dissection to confirm - so I'll hold onto it.