Friday 20 June 2014

Abercregan last night.

                                Clouded magpie.
                                52 species including 10 Elephant hawkmoth, 2 Poplar hawkmoth,
                                Campion, Beautiful snout, Pinion streaked snout, Figure of eighty,
                                Red necked footman, Double line and Northern spinach.


  1. Lovely photo Paul - like all the photos on the Glamorgan moth blog. I think that Barry Stewart chap sabotaged my camera years ago, to ensure all my pics are lousy! (actually, it`s a bit of a `toy camera`, so I must get a good one sometime).

  2. Thanks Ian. I use a ringlight on these (i can't afford a proper ringflash) which gives even lighting and a few extra stops.

  3. More here Ian -

  4. Thanks Paul for the link....I`ll enjoy looking at them.