Sunday 1 June 2014

Lanlay Meadows, Saturday night

I was tempted by a warm cloudy evening and headed down to Lanlay Meadows, but fell victim (like Mark the night before) to that meteorological phenomenon which is the curse of moth trappers: the cloud vanishing at dusk allowing the temperature to fall away. It was down to 8.5C with a heavy dew when I finished at 1am.

The moths kept trickling in though and I ended up recording 50 species. The best of the macros were Little Thorn, Lobster, Figure of Eighty and Small Seraphim (about as far east as the latter species occurs in VC41). Best of all, though, was the pretty little oak-feeding gelechiid Teleiodes luculella. Previously this has only been recorded from three sites in the western part of the county, so it is good to know it also occurs in the east.

Teleiodes luculella


  1. It's a pretty distinctive thing. Where are Lanlay meadows, George? I've just been looking at the forecast and there doesn't appear to be much prospect of mothing weather this coming weekend. A pattern seems to be developing :¬(

  2. Peterston-super-Ely, ST0775. A National Trust site (hay meadows and rhos pasture).

    Looks set to be warm on Friday!

  3. Could be promising. There are overnight showers in the online forecasts for this area, but definitely worth watching.