Monday 9 June 2014

Ty'n-y-coed Forestry

Yesterday evening, with the forecast showers holding off, I had an impromptu 3 hour session with MV and sheet at this site near Pentyrch. The habitat comprises mixed woodland and lies near the south-eastern corner of the under-recorded ST08. The site was trapped a few times by Jake and Mike in the early to mid 2000s but hasn't been looked at since.

The weather proved to be almost ideal: cloudy and humid, although the ground was sodden and all my gear got soaked. 56 species were recorded, the highlight being the scarce tortricid Spatalistis bifasciana. There are only 3 previous VC41 records, but interestingly one of these was from the same site when Jake and Mike trapped here in June 2003.

Spatalistis bifasciana

Five species were new for ST08: Orange Footman, Dwarf Pug, Argyresthia conjugella, Bryotropha terrella and Nematopogon metaxella. Also worthy of mention were Lobster (7), Satin Lutestring, Miller, Sharp-angled Peacock, Larch Pug, Dingy Shell and Double Line.
Double Line

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