Saturday 14 June 2014


A few recent highlights...

I think this may be a Ruddy Carpet?  If I'm right it would be the first Glamorgan record for 10 years according to Mapmate...

Not sure what this one is, Grass Rivulet looks the closest match in the macro book, but those black dots on the central cross-band don't look right to me.  Any thoughts?

 This is unmistakeably a Small Elephant Hawkmoth.  I gather these are relatively common in Glamorgan, but it is the first one I have seen!
 Also new for the garden record were Eupoecilia angustana and Argyresthia spinosa.


  1. Nice Ruddy Carpet and second one looks like a Small Seraphim

  2. Ruddy Carpet - excellent record Adam, a moth I've never seen.

  3. Thank you! The second geometrid looks spot on for Small Seraphim now that I know where I am looking Barry. Last night's catch was good too, and will have a couple to post tomorrow that have been causing a bit of head scratching...

  4. Good stuff Adam. If anyone was going to get Ruddy Carpet it would be you given that they are (or at least were) just up the coast from you!

    1. Reading MoG, they seem to have a distribution very similar to Cream-spot tigers...