Wednesday 11 June 2014

Silver Hook at Grovesend

As well as a few Marsh Fritillaries, I came across three Silver Hook at Grovesend Common, near Gorseinon today.

This appears to be the first Glamorgan record for SN50, although most of that square is in Carmarthenshire and so it may already have been recorded in that part of the hectad.



  1. Nice find George...yes, I seem to recall a record in Carms SN50 - near Llwyn-teg, Llannon in the 1990s....also at Tywyn Burrows (SN30).

  2. I haven't seen this species for a few years. It is one I always hope for when I'm in suitable habitat.

  3. It seems to be having a good year Mark - I've seen 11 at 3 sites in the last week.