Wednesday 4 June 2014


Had a wander around Cadoxton Ponds last week and disturbed quite a few micros, some of which I am struggling to identify - could someone help please?

I'm not sure if this one is the same species as above?

I also found this caterpillar which was around 2cm long - I did wonder if it was a garden tiger which had been parasitised by something? Any other suggestions gratefully received.


  1. The third (and possibly the second too) could be Aethes tesserana - I've seen them in Rhoose on a few occasions so they are in the area. They feed on Bristly ox-tongue and Hawkweeds so they are very likely to be found on disturbed ground. There are not many Glamorgan records though, about 10 according to Mapmate.

  2. The first is possibly Cydia nigricana (pea moth).

  3. Agree with Adam on the Aethes. I think the first one is a Dichrorampha (long palps for a tortricid) but they are tricky.

    The larva might be Garden Tiger, but it looks unwell...

  4. Hi all, thanks for your suggestions. There's certainly plenty of bristly ox-tongue and hawkweeds in that area. Would never have got to Aethes from the book though!

  5. The markings on A tesserana can be quite variable not just between individuals, but also with age. A very fresh specimen often has quite a distinctive glossy chequerboard appearance. The sheen seems to dissapear once they become worn, and the colours become much more muted - yours look pretty worn from the state of the cilia, so I'm not surprised you struggled a bit with it!