Tuesday 10 June 2014

Three Crosses, Gower

Two of us from WTSWW ran a moth trap event at Three Crosses last friday and despite quite strong winds, the temperatures stayed high and we had decent numbers of moths. Unfortunately there were a few micros that we couldn't id. I realise that some of these are probably not id-able due to a combination of lack of scale, bad photos and too many similar species but some help would be much appreciated. The trap was in an uncut meadow area behind the chapel. First a couple of macros:

 1. Pug sp.
Grass rivulet??
 Notocelia sp.?
Eupoecilia angustana?


  1. I think Dave is away so I'll take a punt at these.

    Pug - possibly Goldenrod but impossible to be sure from a pic.

    Agree with Grass Rivulet and E angustana.

    The Notocelia/Epiblema looks like trimaculana with the prominent brown apical patch. Size is helpful with this tricky group.

    The other two are Parornix sp and a Bactra, probably lancealana.

  2. Thanks very much George - I've not seen a grass rivulet before I don't think. I'll just record the others to genus to be sure then (apart from E.angustana)

  3. I agree with what George has said on these, and agree that to take the determinations further would be tricky from photos!