Wednesday 25 June 2014

Parc Slip monday night

As a follow up to Paul's post below: thanks to Paul's help with the micros we ended up with 380+ moths of over 100 species including 67 macros. I wasn't sure of this little geometrid though - looks like Satin Wave but I realise that is scarce in the county?

Other firsts for the year included satin beauty, buff arches, miller, grey arches and bright-line brown-eye. A giant lacewing Osmylus fulvicephalus was a nice addition to the trap too. Top scorers this week were double line (20), small fan-footed wave (17) and elephant hawkmoth (16).


  1. Looks good for Satin to me - good catch!

  2. Thanks Barry - it was a better catch than I was expecting given the relatively low temperature