Monday 23 June 2014

Port Eynon Garden

After an excellent session last night out in the dunes with Mr Manley, which added a few species to my life list like White Colon, Sand Dart, Grass Rivulet, Galium Carpet et al, I got up at the crack of dawn to see what had arrived to my simple 15W actinic in my parent's garden in Port Eynon.

In addition to huge numbers of Heart & Dart, although nothing desperately unusual turned up, I managed to add a few to my (thus far Buckinghamshire based) year list, with Cypress Carpet, Currant Pug, Turnip Moth, Lilac Beauty (a lifer for me), Privet Hawk-moth , Brown China-mark and Grey Dagger (agg).

The number of moths I can get here in a garden is about the same as I'd get at home in a woodland with a brace of MVs... the MV is going out tonight...

Lilac Beauty

Privet Hawk-moth

Also, can anyone id this for me from the pic?

Dave Morris


  1. Eucosma cana perhaps?
    A great evening last night Dave, thanks for coming.

  2. Cheers Chris! Good to see your pics as well, esp. Wood Carpet. I've had a couple here since.