Sunday 22 June 2014

Bridgend overnight 21st June 2014

MV trap in our garden overnight produced 42 species on a warm night which kicked off with a Common Pipistrelle tucking in to the early visitirs to the trap!

The highlight was a first for us - one of the Oegoconia sp, the 353rd species for the garden and our 9th species of micro species to be recorded there.

Other highlights were Common Lutestring, Pebble Hook-tip (last seen 2007), Swallow-tailed moth, Peppered moth, an Elephant Hawkmoth, White Ermine (first since 2010), Grey Dagger, Smoky Wainscot (first since 2007), Dot moth, Cloaked minor, Small Fan-foot and a Beautiful Hook-tip. We also recorded what appeared to be some sort of Caddisfly species - any ideas which one?
Oegoconia sp

Caddisfly sp?
unidentified micro

Mike & Emma

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  1. Your unidentified micro is a Scoparia - difficult enough when they have scales so forget it unless you want it dissected.
    The caddis is an Athripsodes - I think albifrons but I can't recall offhand if there are others that can cause confusion.
    And yes Oegoconia sp.