Friday 10 July 2015

Annual Visit


I'll be visiting my parents in Port Eynon, Gower from 18-24th July and running a moth trap in their garden.
As I normally trap in the Chilterns (VC24), I hope as in the past I'll see a range of different moths, although I also get a few here that don't seem to make it to Glamorgan...

Also, on past visits, some of you have been kind enough to let me join in on trapping sessions, so if anyone is thinking of getting out and about in Gower during that week, and doesn't mind a hanger-on, please let me know :)


Dave Morris


  1. Nice prominent Dave. You could have joined us this morning if I'd known you were down. I'll keep you posted of any more moth activities in Gower. Good to meet your father the other day by the way, please send him my best wishes.

  2. Barry - it's next Saturday afternoon we're coming down, and I saw your report...

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