Thursday 2 July 2015

Creigiau 30 June

Like everyone else a bumper haul to see out the month. 141 moths of 45 identified species, with another 10 unidentified and probably doomed to the anon box. To be honest it was a bit overwhelming to deal with this number of moths in my actinic, so how you guys manage with much larger numbers baffles me! The situation was not helped by the hundreds (seemed like millions) of small flies and caddisflies in and around the trap - most of which seemed to die and leave their bodies in the egg boxes and on bottom of the trap.

Anyway, 15 new moths for the year including three totally new for me - Bright-line Brown-eye, Broom Moth, Clouded Border, Codling Moth, Coronet, Double Square-spot, Phylctaenia coronata, Green Arches,  Green Pug, Green Silver-lines, Leopard Moth, Light Emerald, Ringed China-mark, Small Fan-footed Wave, Water Veneer. This now brings my garden total to 149 for the year. The highlight was obviously the Leopard Moth, closely followed by the Green silver-lines and the P. coronata.

Leopard Moth      

Green Silver-lines

Phylctaenia coronata

Codling Moth           

Not sure about the Codling Moth, and I have a few other queries but I'll save those for another time.


  1. Leopard Moth really is a cracker. I haven't seen one for a few years.

  2. Thanks George. A new moth is always exciting, but this one was really special.