Sunday 5 July 2015

Broughton last night 04Jul15 (8W Act)

Nice to see Veronica catching a super moth at Cwm Ivy. Meanwhile the other side of the hill we had a nice catch of 67 moths of 23 species, including some very nice local species.

The highlight for us was a lifer in the form of Reddish Light Arches. Also notable were Brussels Lace, Scarce Footman and Triple Spotted Clay. The last time we saw Brussels Lace ironically was 10 years ago when we rented a cottage near to Veronica!

Other species caught last night that were new to Broughton for us included Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix, Small Magpie, Small Angle Shades, Burnished Brass and strangely Silver Y and Rush Veneer!

We've only trapped seven times (115 species / 81 macros) at the caravan in the past 12 months with our little actinic but the potential of the site is excellent. If only we could use our MV trap there!


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