Monday 20 July 2015

Parc Slip

A humid night on thursday night meant another big haul of moths friday morning - another high for me i think with over 120 species in total (and again i had to ignore most of the scoparines for sanity's sake). Some new moths for me too including beautiful snout and clay triple-lines plus plenty FFy including rosy footman, buff footman, slender brindle, fan-foot, barred straw, lesser YU, buff arches, beautiful carpet (2nd time i've caught it here), small dotted buff, pine carpet, thistle ermine and plenty of the micros were no doubt FFY too but i haven't got access to my records at the moment. A few queries unsurprisingly:
1. Acleris laterana/comariana?

2.Acrobasis consociella?

3.Bryotropha temella?

4.Epinotia sp. - feel like i should know this one...

5.Gypsonoma sociana?

6.Pug sp....

7.Not sure


  1. Hi Vaughn,
    I think 1 and 2 are correct.
    3 is probably Bryotropha terrella
    4 is a Eucosma (cana/hohenwartiana/fulvana etc).
    5. yes, I think so.
    6 (The pug) is Grey or Golden-rod.
    7 is a bit worn for me to comment on!

  2. Think 7 might be Phtheochroa inopiana.

  3. Not sure 7 is inopiana, looks a bit small and well-marked for that. Not an easy bunch of specimens Vaughn - I'm glad Dave and George went first.

  4. Yes i had a couple of definite P.inopiana in the trap too and i would say this one is smaller but it was rather tatty as you can see!

  5. Actually it bears an uncanny resemblance to a worn tort I had at Merthyr Mawr on 30 June, see:

    This one proved on dissection to be Cochylidia rupicola.

  6. It does look extremely similar to that one - similar enough to id it or would it need dissecting to be sure? It's been released anyway...