Thursday 2 July 2015

Merthyr Mawr micro queries

As mentioned in my previous blog, I have quite a few unresolved micros from Tuesday night:

I think this is just the dark form of Celypha lacunana.

I had two of these large white Coleophora with dark speckling, presumably both are albidella / anatipennella (and would need dissecting to confirm which one).

A worn tortricid. Phtheochroa inopiana? It seemed too small though, and I wondered about Falseuncaria ruficiliana, but there are no modern records of that.

Finally, I'm totally stumped by this Mompha type.

Thanks for any suggestions.


  1. Looks like you've got some dissecting to do!

  2. Thanks! Only about 10 dissections from that one night then...

  3. I suspect that's Celypha cespitana, judging by apical pattern, neat white inner bands, and lack of lacuna. The Mompha looks really intriguing!

  4. I was thinking along the same lines