Saturday 4 July 2015

Creigiau 03 July

Managed a couple of grab shots of two micros that were flitting round the Shasta Daisy flower buds last evening. The first I think may be Dichrorampha sequana but no idea on the other, so any help appreciated.

Put the trap out for the GMS last night. The weather was warm, though a little breezy and a storm was forecast. We didn't get much of the storm but a gust of wind took one of the acrylic sheets clean off my Skinner trap and a lot of moths winged it! I had to abort the session but still logged 69 moths of 23 species. Two were new for the year - Cork Moth and Tawny-barred Angle. Not sure of the Cork Moth, but if correct this would be another new moth for me.
Cork Moth query
Tawny-barred Angle


  1. I would say the tortrix is D. petiverella. Not a clue of the next one. Cork moth looks good.

  2. Just to throw another name into the hat for the Dichrorampha - I'd say it's probably alpinana. We have these around the Shasta Daisies in our garden (confirmed by dissection). Like Paul I'm not sure about the other one - doesn't look right for Bucculatrix nigricomella (another daisy feeder).

  3. Thanks both.

    Comparison with other images on line suggests D alpinana is quite a good match ... my original search obviously wasn't as thorough as I thought! I'll log it as that and see what Dave says when I submit the records to SEWBReC.

  4. The undet one looks like a Mompha (subbistrigella or sturnipennella?). I agree with alpina for the Dichrorampa.

  5. Thanks to all for your helpful comments.