Wednesday 22 July 2015

Y Gweira last night

I trapped for 3 hours at WTSWW's Y Gweira reserve on the edge of Llantrisant Common, with Carys Solman and three of her volunteers. The temperature held up well at 15C but it was a bit on the damp side.

The catch was good if not spectacular, with 80 species recorded between a 125W MV and a 15W actinic trap. The best records were probably Marsh Oblique-barred and Zeiraphera isertana, both of which are new for ST08 (unless Howard has caught them in Creigau - I don't have his records on my system yet).

Other nice species included Slender Brindle, Beautiful Hook-tip, Round-winged Muslin, Double Line, Small Rufous, Scallop Shell, Large Emerald, Dingy Shell, Sallow Kitten, Helcystogramma rufescens and Acleris aspersana.
Slender Brindle
 Most exciting for me, though, was the Giant Lacewing, which I've never seen in Glam before.

Giant Lacewing


  1. I also caught Giant Lacewing last night - at Parc Slip. Other records to follow.

  2. Neither name (Marsh Oblique-barred or Zeiraphera isertana) rang any bells, but I checked anyway and I have no records .... so well done George, two more for the square.