Wednesday 15 July 2015

Llandaff 14th July

It was a rather misty evening with patches of rain, but was rather warm so I fired up the trap and gave it a go. Sadly, was a poor haul. A poplar Hawk and a smattering of the usual suspects. However, a couple of nice Pyralids for a change, both rather disheveled. Endotricha flammealis (3), sadly on it's last legs, the other two flew the coup as soon as lifted the trap sides to rescue this one from a couple of ants. Phlyctaenia coronata and what look like early August Thorns (4).


  1. I had a reasonable catch last night in nearby Llandaff North, though no August Thorns or E. flammealis. I did have new for the year Mottled Rustic, Oak Nycteoline, Mother of Pearl and Phoenix. And 4 Silver Y, which probably means someone else had something more exciting!

  2. The Llandaff moths must have been visiting their mates in Creigiau as I had close on 300 moths last night. Never had so many before! Still 'sorting' the catch so will post details tomorrow.