Wednesday 29 July 2015

The Dranges, Gower

Hi all,
Just a quick post to any Swansea/Gower moth-ers that fancy trapping somewhere new. WTSWW are running a (non-public) bioblitz on the evening of Thursday 3rd September/morning of Friday 4th at The Dranges nature reserve near Murton - it's mainly marshy grassland with some areas of scrub but doesn't have public access yet hence the non-public nature of the event. I'll be there with a generator and at least one moth trap but could you let me know if anyone else would like to come along and trap and we'll send you the details of how to get there/when we're meeting etc.


  1. So do I but I can't make it as I have to go to London Friday morning for my son's wedding; might be a tad unpopular if I missed that! Good luck.

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for letting me know -shame you can't be there but hopefully we can arrange some other trap nights there at some point.