Friday 17 July 2015

Nitten, Mewslade

In comparison to the previous posts, I have nothing terribly exciting to report, the damp windy conditions near the end of Gower rather limiting the catch of 3 overnight traps. The totals of 569 moths of 83 species produced were largely made up of common species, most notably 186 Dark Arches (I usually count the commonest species and estimate the rest). Otherwise, the only species of any note included; Diamond-back Moth 4, Endothenia quadrimaculana 2, Pearl-band Grass Veneer 1, Rush Veneer 2, Bordered Pug 1, Sloe Pug 1, Privet Hawk-moth 2, Garden Tiger 2, Short-cloaked Moth 2, Turnip Moth 1, Crescent Dart 15 & Broad-barred White 1. Non-leps of interest were the Nb soldier-beetle Rhagonycha translucida 1 & the partial migrant hoverfly Scaeva selenitica 2.

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