Sunday 19 July 2015

Port Eynon Darts...

Rather a wet night in Port Eynon, and an even wetter morning as I tried to empty the trap. By far the most represented species was Heart & Dart, but I also got a few other "Dart"s and not being so familiar with these species back home in Bucks (VC24) I'd appreciate any confirmation. The pics are not the best due to the poor light.

 (I'm thinking Crescent Dart?)

 (these two look like the same sp. to me, but they are not the same individual)

I also got this, here are some better pics replacing the one earlier. The pic in the book which it most resembles is Northern Rustic, but that's not a species I've ever seen...

(no, not dead, just resting...)

Notwithstanding anything above, Brussels Lace and Marbled Beauty were the only new ones for my year list, with Silver Y representing the migrants.

Dave Morris


  1. Yes that's NR Dave, not often you come across them sunbathing! Nice record. The others are all CDs as you suspect

  2. Thanx Barry! I think the NR was actually pining for the fjords. Especially as all the pics I found suggested that the dark form was "northern" so I wasn't sure if Gower counted as "northern" these days.

  3. We're western, which means all sorts of weird exceptions occur!