Saturday 11 July 2015

Thursday and Friday

Went to Glaslyn nature reserve on Thursday night to look for Ashworth's Rustic. 9 came to my traps, plus other moorland species such as Northern Spinach, Grey Mountain Carpet, Clouded Buff, Pleurota bicostella and Phiaris schulziana.

Last night in Gowerton produced a nice migrant Palpita vitrealis and the tiny but striking Ectoedemia decentella (if my ID is correct) which looks like only the second VC41 record.

Phiaris schulziana

Smoky Wave
Ectoedemia decentella
Palpita vitrealis

Ashworth's Rustic



  1. Well, you've been a busy boy! Stunning photos as always Chris

  2. A lovely moth Ashworth's, and that one is in good nick too.

  3. Thanks both. Forgot to say that Glaslyn is in Montgomeryshire in the Cambrian mountains. 540 acres of moorland with lake, and scree for the Ashworth's.

  4. Phew!....I thought for a second or two that Glamorgan had Ashworths rustic too! Messrs Stewart and Tordoff would have really `rubbed it in`, if that was so....I would n`t be able to sleep!
    Great pics Chris!