Thursday 23 July 2015

Parc Slip 21st July

I had another pretty good catch overnight on tuesday night with 86 or so species including a couple of migrants: small mottled willow (new for me here) and dark sword-grass. Other macro highlights included gothic (4th i've ever had here), large emerald (1st since 2013), purple thorn (FFY), garden tiger (bizarrely the first i've ever actually caught here), yellow-tail (2nd ever and 1st since 2012) and common rustic agg. (FFY).
A couple of notable micros too including Pseudopostega crepusculella (1st ever and not often recorded in Glam if I'm right?), red-barred tortrix (FFY), Argolamprotes micella and a few which i would like confirmation/correction for please? As mentioned on George's post we also had a Giant Lacewing in the trap.
1.Argyresthia sp.?
2.Epinotia sp.

3.Eucosma campoliliana
4.Gypsonoma dealbana?

5.Mompha propinquella
6.Not sure

7.Pammene fasciana?
8.Oddly-marked Ypsolopha parenthesella?


  1. 1. Not sure, doesn't look right for goedartella.
    2. Think it's Spilonota ocellana/laricana.
    4. Yes
    6. Bactra, presumably lancealana.
    7. Yes
    8. I think it's just wear and tear rather than odd markings.

  2. Thanks George - much appreciated.

  3. Looks like a beak mark on the Ypsolopha - a lucky escape?