Saturday 20 July 2013

Bridgend garden

We trapped 53 species last night including (brackets for year since last seen here):-

Ghost moth (2007), Carcina quercana, Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix (new for garden), Ptycholomoides aeriferanus (new for garden if confirmed - see photo), Clepsis consimilana (2009), Phoenix (2006), V-Pug, Early Thorn, Poplar Hawkmoth, Elephant Hawkmoth, Rosy Footman, Gothic (2009), Miller, Grey Dagger, Dingy Shears (2006), Dusky Brocade, The Herald (2008), Snout, Fan-foot and Silver Y. We also had what appeared to be some sort of leaf-miner on the leaves of our Broccoli plants - any ideas anyone (see photo)?

The micro Ptycholomoides aeriferanus from what we research is also called Larch Tortrix or Larch Twist by other counties and is spreading westwards.

Rosy Footman

Leaf Miner?


Ghost moth

Dingy Shears

We believe this is Ptycholomoides aeriferanus


  1. Mike, the mines look like fly-mines to me. Nice Ptycholomoides - despite all the Larch clearfell, seems to be on the increase!

    1. Thanks Barry - wish we had the time to do some of the smashing mothing going on down Gower! PS The fly mines have been supplemented by Small White eggs! no Broccoli for dinner for us!

  2. The butterflies will love you for it!