Saturday 20 July 2013

Horton revisited

David 'Jake' Gilmore, Mike Powell, Paul 'Sid' Parsons, Myself and Dave Morris (our visiting moth'er from Bucks) ran 3 traps from dusk until just after 01:30. We recorded 135 species, the more interesting of which included Coleophora albitarsella 1 (7th vcr), Batia lambdella 1, Agonopterix nanatella 1 (Nb), Agonopterix nervosa 10, Agonopterix rotundella 2 (Na 8th vcr), Metzneria aprilella 2 (Nb New vcr - to be confirmed), Teleiodes sequax 7, Aethes tesserana 1, Aethes francillana 1, Cochylis hybridella 1, Sparganothis pilleriana 2 (Na 6th vcr), Acleris bergmanniana 1, Agriphila inquinatella 2, Mecyna asinalis 5 (Nb), Epischnia bankesiella 1 (Na), Thistle Ermine 1, Pempeliella dilutella 24, Oidaematophorus lithodactyla 1, Grass Emerald 8, Small Emerald 1, Mullein Wave 1, Small Blood-vein 5, Lesser Cream Wave 1, Silky Wave 16 (RDB2), Wood Carpet 2, Chestnut-coloured Carpet 11 (Nb), Fern 2, Haworth's Pug 1, Annulet 7, Scarce Footman 11, Crescent Dart 9, Devonshire Wainscot 1 (Na), Small Rufous 2, Small Purple-barred 5, Marsh Oblique-barred 2 (Nb), Helophilus trivittatus 1 and Glow-worm 2 females.
I'll post a few pics later as I'm sure Paul will...he took a lot more than I did.
Sparganothis pilleriana with its distinctive long palps (BS)
Agriphila inquinatella (BS)
Agonopterix nanatella (BS)
I suspect this will remain unidentified,
but any suggestions are welcome (BS).


  1. Thanx for letting me join in, Barry! Lots of lifers for me there. I would be very interested in seeing Paul's photos...

  2. Nice to meet you Dave. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening Ba, and thanks for arrangements prior to trapping. MCP & I are now saving up to buy the end house at Horton, only £1,999,999 to go!

  3. Jake, we'll chip if we can stay over on weekends - I'll break open the piggy bank later and count up our savings!

  4. A great nights mothing with a lovely cooling breeze!

  5. That is an odd looking Phycitine, I wonder if it's an aberrant Pempeliella dilutella?

  6. Quite possible Dave, though without a spec. it's unlikely this will be resolved.
    By the way the Metzneria aprilella sadly wasn't :(