Friday 19 July 2013


A sample of the carnage at the bottom of my trap after an invasion of Water Veneer last night. I estimate 1500, however it may have been twice that, as they were swarming around the trap last night from dusk to about 11pm. I could see them passing over the garden and falling towards the light like tiny snow flakes. Amazing sight. Couple of decent moths in the garden over the last few days which I haven't caught for a few years: Bordered White, Garden Tiger, Fused Burnished Brass, Dingy Shears & Beautiful Golden Y. Along with Cypress Carpet & Acleris notana a first for the garden. Only migrant has been a Diamond-back Moth.

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  1. Amazing - I guess they're coming from Roath Park Lake, I saw quite a few around the margins of the lake a couple of weeks ago.